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FoodMicro2022 Wrap-up

The FoodMicro2022 Conference, organized by the International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene, was held in Athens, from 28 to 31 August.

This year's theme was "next generations challenges in Food Microbiology".

We are proud to have two E-MUSE ESRs who presented at this event :

- Alina Kyrylenko (ESR13) presented on “Fermentation of plant-based ingredients using lactic acid bacteria as an emerging alternative to dairy-based fermented products”.

- Mahtab Shoukat (ESR10) presented a poster on "Impact of iron on structuration and functioning of cheese microbial communities".

Alina Kyrylenko during her presentation

Two E-MUSE supervisors were also present as speakers :

- Pascal Bonnarme presented on "Fermentation of pea protein-based matrices by synthetic microbial consortia as a lever to modulate metabolome and overall sensorial perception: an innovative way for new foods design".

- Marjon Wells-Bennik presented on “Evaluation of toxinogenic potential of Bacillus licheniformis – a prominent species in plant protein-based ingredients and dairy powders”

From left to right: Pascal Bonnarme, Mahtab Shoukat, Marjon Wells-Bennik, Alina Kyrylenko, Vasilis Valdramidis

Visit the event website here.

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