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  • A comprehensive, interactive and international training programme covering the broader aspects and interface between biology, bioinformatics, statistics, systems biology, predictive microbiology and artificial intelligence as well as transferable skills

  • An enthusiastic team of professionals to co-operate with

  • Personal Career development plan (PCDP) to prepare young researchers for their future careers

  • Each ESR will undergo individual training at individual institutes according to the PCDP description

  • An attractive compensation package in accordance with the MSCA-ITN programme regulations for early stage researchers. Exact salary will be confirmed upon and will be based on a Living Allowance of €3270/month (correction factor to be applied per country) + mobility allowance of €600/month. Additionally researchers may also qualify for a family allowance* of €500/month depending on family situation. Taxation and Social (including Pension) Contribution deductions based on National and company regulations will apply.

  • Duration of recruitment: 36 months.

*Family = be married / be in a relationship with equivalent status to a marriage recognised by the legislation of the country or region where it was formalised/have dependent children who are being maintained by the researcher.

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