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ESR10 Mahtab Shoukat First Thesis Committee Meeting

The first Thesis Committee Meeting of E-MUSE ESR10 was conducted by INRAE and Doctoral School ABIES (Université Paris-Saclay) on 17th March 2022.

This Thesis Committee is composed of a Supervisory Board, External members, and doctoral school advisor.

From left to right: Vincent Hervé, Dominique Swennen, Mahtab Shoukat, Steve Labrie,
Sylvie Nélieu, Eric Dugat-Bony, Olivier Chapleur, Pascal Bonnarme

Supervisory Board

  • Pascal Bonnarme UMR SayFood, INRAE (Thesis Director)

  • Eric Dugat-Bony UMR SayFood, INRAE (Co-Supervisor)

  • Dominique Swennen UMR SayFood, INRAE (Co-Supervisor)

  • Vincent Hervé UMR SayFood, INRAE (Co-Supervisor)

External Members

  • Steve Labrie (Professor at Laval University, Canada)

  • Olivier Chapleur (INRAE Antony, France)

ABIES Doctoral School Adviser

  • Sylvie Nélieu (Université Paris-Saclay & INRAE, France)


Mahtab Shoukat's project focuses on cheese microbial ecosystem structuration and resilience. The objective is to understand the effect of iron on the cheese ecosystem. Dynamic data will be collected during the ripening process of a model cheese produced with/without iron supplementation. Several macro-scale data will be collected: microorganisms' growth, substrates degradation, pH, color, rheology, moisture, organoleptic properties, and online measure of respiration.

In this meeting, Mahtab Shoukat (ESR10) presented his project background, aims & objectives, experimental methodologies, and expected results through a detailed presentation. This meeting lasted for 3 hours in order to evaluate the candidate's capabilities and project understanding to make recommendations about thesis progress. Additionally, this committee also discussed possible training and skills to improve ESR10 competence.

"My 1st thesis committee meeting was highly productive and helpful to discuss my proposed research methodologies. The presence of dairy experts, biochemists, and microbial ecologists in the committee provided me this opportunity to debate various technical aspects of my project." Mahtab Shoukat - ESR10

To learn more about Mahtab Shoukat - ESR10 :

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