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Newsletter N°3

What are the E-MUSE highlights for 2021?

The Bioinformatics training took place in Paris from 22.11.2021 till 02.12.2021. The students participated in lessons on: Snakemake, Introduction to R, Galaxy, Sequencing, RNA seq Analysis, Metagenomics, FAIR Data, Proteomics, Metabolomics, PCA clustering  and further clustering methods. ESRs visited also the Analytical Platform, Microbiology and Molecular Biology laboratories at INRAE.

During the Bioinformatics training the Consortium meetings took place (23.11.-24.11.2021) and brought many fruitful discussions about the modelling of microbial ecosystems in cheese and plant-based cheese fermentation and the future challenges of E-MUSE project. ​

  • Bioinformatics Training and Consortium Meetings

  • DiscuSciences

On 14.12.2021, the Early Stage Researchers: Michele Bou Habib, Rina Mekuli and Mahtab Shoukat presented their PhD projects at DiscuSciences organized by INRAE.

  • Cheese Production

In December the cheese production took also place and the cheese has been produced by the team at INRAE including the ESR10-Mahtab Shoukat.

Wishing you a Merry  Christmas and a very Happy New Year!




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