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Newsletter n9

Training event 5

The training event n°5 took place in Szeged (Hungary) from 20.11.2023 till 28.11.2023.  The students participated in lessons on: Artificial intelligence, Probabilistic modelling, Reinforcement learning, Project and stakeholder management, Individual-based modelling, rule-based learning, cellular automata, Evolutionary algorithms, Advanced topics of neural networks (transfer learning, multitask learning, word/sentence embeding, attention mechanism), Suport vector machines and European opportunities for postdoc students.


Hamza Faquir (ESR3) did a secondment at the the systems biology lab (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) from the 05.01.2024 till 29.02.2024. He notably worked out a consensus model for glycolysis in L cremoris with Luis Ángel Salinas Te. He then directly did another secondment at the Biotec+ Lab (KU Leuven) from March to April 2024.

Alina Kyrylenko (ESR13) also did a secondment at the Institut Pasteur in Paris from the 24.01.2024 till 24.02.2024.


On 15.02.2024, Alina Kyrylenko (ESR13) presented her PhD project at DiscuSciences organized by INRAE.

The ESRs participated last April in the TRANSIT/E-MUSE/SUPREM Workshop "Addressing the Challenges in developing future foods" (from the 09.04.2024 till 11.04.2024) as part of the FoodSim conference at KU Leuven. It was another great opportunity to present their work and share engaging discussions with other ESRs.


Vasilis Valdramidis (NKUA-UM) presented the poster of Muhammad Ahmed Ihsan (ESR12) "DNA-BASED TRACEABILITY: A NOVEL APPROACH FOR ENSURING DAIRY PRODUCT AUTHENTICITY" at the IAFP conference (from 30.04.2024 till 02.05.2024).

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